Who We Are?

We are a diverse team of highly motivated professionals; combining youth with experience, We are 100% black-owned with a BBBEE level 1 rating. Cynthia (the business owner) is a trained auditor with previous corporate experience at Ernst and Young she is enthusiastic about fashion as evident in the growth possibilities of Africa Fashion House.

In March 2018, we launched the Africa Fashion House Design and Training Institute (AFHDTI) to aid our human capacity development drive and establish a steady pool of talent for Africa Fashion House, its parent entity.

What we really do?

Africa Fashion House is currently the largest producer and marketer of bespoke African traditional wedding dresses in South Africa and the SADC region. We have nine physical storefronts and three manufacturing facilities in operation; we also have this fully functional e-commerce website and a massive social media platform with over 850,000 active followers.

With speed as a major competitive advantage, AFH currently holds one of the best order turn-around time within the bespoke industry. Our unmatched 9am order - 5pm delivery service remains novel in the industry.

Our Edge

Our turn around time is currently one of the best in the industry. Because we run a fully stocked store, large factory size, and a pool of quality designers we are able to deliver 95% of items in our catalog within 5 hours. This service is unmatched within the industry. We maintain the highest levels of quality in our tailored garments and adhere to strict delivery times, giving our clients value for their money and most importantly peace of mind.

Our client mix comprises of different shapes, sizes and insecurities on the other hand, a client needs to feel completely relaxed and trusting before they can truly be styled. Our mix of experienced sales consultants and well knowledge designers provide the necessary calming feeling and reassurance to our clients that indeed they are in great hands and we as AFH are ready to hold their hands and walk with them through the entire styling process.

The Guest Experience

Quality, convenience, reliability, friendliness, cleanliness, courtesy and customer service all comprise of our guest experience. We ensure at all times that the guest experience a good one. From a welcoming reception studio to quality catalog brochures, clean workroom and courteous consultants and designers, we are sensitive to the overall experience of our clients.

Support 24/7.

You can reach us using all social media platforms including a live chat on this website. See the bottom right of your screen. You can also send an email to info@africafashionhouse.com


We have the widest contact reach in the industry with 9 physical stores and a mobile app. We plan to open 11 more stores in 2020 bringing fashion greatness closer to you.

Tailoring The Dream

Even before a piece of fabric is cut, the dreamer has to be completely certain that their dreams will not turn out to be a nightmare and we understand that very well as our tag-line “Tailoring Dreams” speaks directly to the heart of our service mantra.

The Order Process

At the first meet-up, a design is selected from our in-store catalog containing over 500 designs. Clients are encouraged to bring in their own designs too and a mix/match is done to create the perfect design to suit the figure of the client. Once fabrics have been sourced, the pattern is then cut by the designer and work commences on the garment.


Although all current stores are managed centrally, we intend to franchise the brand post-2020. Speak to us if interested in becoming part of this high-growth brand.


Africa Fashion House is the only independent brand with a solid loyalty program rewarding our clients as they continue to patronize us.


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