Unused or unworn items in their original packaging can be returned for a full refund within 7 days of purchase, an original purchase slip is required.

Used items can be altered to your satisfaction or a store credit can be issued. Refunds are not permitted or used items.

Once an item purchased in-store is altered in any shape or form (by AFH or an external tailor) for the client, such an item cannot be refunded or exchanged.

All delivery/postage costs are for the account of the customer and are strictly non-refundable

All items marked as “discount/discounted”, “Specials”, “Promotions”, “Sale” or other such labels are deemed to be taken “as is” or “voetstoots” and refunds are STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Item exchanges and alterations may be permitted in some cases and a handling fee may be charged. We, unfortunately, cannot remove any item from a promotional bundle without reverting to the original price of the individual items in the bundle and recalculating the entire invoice.

All refunds are processed via EFT on Thursdays from our Head Office. Refunds are unfortunately not processed in-store. Your refund query needs to have been successfully processed by 12pm on the Tuesday preceding the Thursday for payment to apply. If your query is processed after 12pm on a Tuesday, your refund will be processed on the following Thursday

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